Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Nutcracker is over...now we can breathe and catch up on some much needed rest. If you have never been involved with the Theatre through some form of the Arts, well then you have no idea what you get yourself into by agreeing to participate in these extravaganza. We were non-stop from Friday afternoon till 1am on Sat night. Not to mention the fact that we had family in town for a total of 30 people for Thanksgiving dinner.
The performance was awesome, the kids were fantastic and the professional dancers were amazing. It was exhausting but worth it for all of us. My two children were so proud of themselves and their friends. I was especially proud of them when after the final show they both went up to the Director and shook his hand and thanked him for the opportunity to dance with his company. I think it showed great maturity and as I told them later, it never hurts to leave someone with a positive word and a favorable memory of you.
On a fertility note I think I am getting ready to ovulate. I have been keeping track of days and numbers for so long that I am not even sure if I am an early ovulator or if I am on schedule. I mean I am on a schedule just not sure who's schedule it is. All this mentrual, cervical mucous, egg, ovulation tracking, well it almost makes me look forward to the voluntary hell I am going to put myself through, at least then I wont have to keep up with anything more than how much bellyfat to pinch while my hubby gets to keep up with how much of the hormones I get injected into said bellyfat. Oh, and the other thing I am grateful for is no more physician prescribed sex, how weird is that, your RE knows when you are having sex. It's almost like having your kids or parents in the next room with ears pressed to the wall....LOL

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am boring...

I have been wanting to blog about all the infertility issues and treatment we have been facing this past year and just when I get the gumption to get this thing started.....Stop...we are in a holding pattern until Jan. So now what am I supposed to write about?

The kids have auditioned for and been accepted to perform in "The Nutcracker" with a professional ballet company. We are all super excited, this is such an awesome opportunity for the kids. The Director of the company has really noticed my son's abilities, who knows something could come of this. In the meantime with all the rehearsals and the making of costumes that the company did not have since younger children are included I have not had much time to think of our up-coming IVF. The issue of finances has pretty much been taken care of, at least for the initial cycle. I have accumulated most of the meds I need from past supper-ovulation cycles and hubby (without my knowledge, which is cool) has managed to sock away money this whole year in case it came to this (IVF). The only thing left for me to worry about is the wishy washy feelings I get when I think about IVF. I really want a baby, but then doubt creeps in and whispers in my ear. Do I really want to start all over ( my kids are 14 & 10), do I want to deal with all the hard work that comes with raising another child? I mean, I really have it good right now. My kids are independent and don't require my constant attention. They can dress and feed themselves. I don' t have to change diapers, wake up in the middle of the night on a regular basis. I am assuming my wishy washy state is normal....right?

Monday, November 5, 2007

I am blank

Right now I am blank...meaning I can't think of anything of interest to write about. As far as infertility stuff goes we are in a holding pattern. Since I am obviously not pregnant right now, or at least I don't think I am and refuse to even entertain the thought since it usually leads to disappointment. So onto other things....at this time my two kids are busy rehearsing for a Nutcracker performance at the end of this month. If you have ever been involved in one of these you understand the crazy chaos that this creates. But, it was good fun and an exceptional experience. This year will be the 1st year my kids have the opportunity to dance with a professional ballet company...super exciting.

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